Friday, July 1, 2011

Spring has sprung, fall has fell, summer's here and its hot as hell!

So has anybody given thought (besides me) to the notion with 100 degree days in June, what the hell is it gonna be like in August?  Uncle Ben (not the rice) says one of our local "weather forecasters" says July is due to be less hot than normal.  What the hecks normal about Texas weather?  And whats "less hot" just 99!  Dizzy Dick says they finally got some rain recently after being dry since October last year.  Wow I bet that ground was really cracked.  Speaking of Ben, he says he does better in hot weather than he does in cold.  I told him I can always burn something to get warm, but when its hot even in the shade I don't do well.  Seems to drain the energy right out of you.  Oh well, thats life in Texas.
Stay cool,

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  1. Only had one rain that amounted to anything since last October and that was only about an inch. We get multiple feet of rain in this area, what the heck happened? Boy, I dunno about how hot the summer will be, but it sure did get off to a roaring start.