Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giving up the ghost

Well my dear old mother is not ready to settle down just yet.  I say that in regard to her car.  When she had it inspected several months ago the man passed it but said that she had oil in her radiator water.  Oops!  Sure enough my cousins checked it out and replaced the head gasket...but in the process of flushing the system they discovered, not surprisingly...oil in her radiator...again.  In checking with Saturn who are no longer in business, they found a service bulletin with info about a persistent crack in the block of most engines.  (Maybe thats why they went out of business)  She bought the car in 1996...the service bulletin came out in 1997.  A little late for warranty work...THEY'RE OUT OF BUSINESS.  Well at 91 she still wants to be independent and I say great, go to it Mom.  Just kinda wonder how much longer she's gonna need to drive or can.  Oh well, the boys are looking for her something to replace hers.  Gotta love her!

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