Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fixin' things...not fixin' to fix things

Well I trotted off to the "john" this morning to take care of business and while I was enthroned on the "porcelain throne" my locked bathroom door swung open.  Well that was much to my surprise as you might guess.  Set about to render that problem not a problem anymore.  Got out the old cordless drill/screwdriver (with the new lithium ion batteries, ni cads have a memory, lithium don't that means if you use it for 5 minutes then recharge them, they only remember the 5 minutes and so thats all the charge they will hold and I got danged tired of running out of juice only 5 minutes into a job) anyway remembered a little trick my dad had taught me years ago (thanks Dad) about taking off the hinge and stuffing a piece of cardboard behind it to raise the catch to catch the striker plate again.  Did didn't work as well as I had remembered.  So pulled the striker plate and carved some more room lower down for a recess and redrilled the holes and reinstalled the plate.  That worked!  Now that danged ghost is just gonna have to walk through that door if he wants to come in and spy on me in the john!
All for now,

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  1. WHAT? You playing with power tools early in the morning? Are you nuts??

    At least you didn't drag out the 110V drill while you near the water in the porcelain throne! :-)