Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well I dood it!  Yep ain't had a car payment for a couple of months and danged if I didn't go get one...what, just couldn't stand not having one...who the hell knows.  Okay the real story, my mother cracked a head on hers and was dumping oil into her radiator so it was over heating really bad and cousins were looking for her a replacement but then I came up with an idea.  Why not give her my paid off one and get me another monthly payment.  Great Idea!  Well nobody ever accused me of being real smart!  Anyway this is what I got.

Like it, like it a lot, guess I better now I gotta pay for it but at least it was cheaper a month than my last one!  And mama has something to run to the store and her water exercise class.  Kinda wonder at 92 how much longer she is gonna drive, could get interesting huh?
Neighbor said why didn't ya' get a red one, I said this was as close as I could get!
Oh well she took care of me for a while, guess its payback time.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family News

Yep, we are increasing.  We had a brunch a while back and the youngest daughter laid some unexpected news on us.  She's pregnant and due in September.  My first question, "well when are you getting married?"  April 14 was decided on.  That's gonna be 7 grandkids in 4 years.  Guess they finally figured it out over at those baby factories.  That's okay with me...I can spoil 'em and send 'em home!  Was kinda just hopin' to stick around long enough that they remember me.  Wow, I must be gettin' old!

In other news...I'm still mowing the danged grass.  Guess I'll get to mow year round this year.  Well at least I won't have to pay the yard guys.  This new mower will be paid off in a bit and it really cuts down on the time I'm mowing (no pun intended).  Met a guy who had a zero turn mower like mine and 3 and a half acres to do.  Said the riding mower took 3 hours.  New one cut it in 52 minutes!  Wow now that's mowing!  Hang on boy, this'un will be a wild ride.  I bought the mulching attachment for mine so it don't spit out nothing to have to rake up.  Works pretty good. 

This here is the youngest cowpoke in the family, Everett, I bought him that hat, his mama made him wear those red boots.  He looks the part for the Stock Show.

Well, this appears to be all the damage I can do on this occasion so I'll just mosey on.