Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wind chime

Well decided to do a little work with my Dad...even though he's been dead since '88.  How you may ask?  He had made a wind chime out of different lengths of 1 inch pipe.  Had a sweet sound.  The wood had long since rotted (weather I suppose) so I took it upon myself to string them up again, with his help.  And so I did and they're hanging on the deck as we speak.  Might say a few words about dear old Dad here...we didn't see eye to eye much of the time as I was growing up but the older I got...the smarter he got.  Ain't that amazing!  Guess he ended up teaching me all the right principles after all, even though I never listened half the time.  Damn it, I still miss him.  Bet he and Ben's maw are getting reaquainted about now.  Thanks Dad for the help on this little project and all the others over the years.  (Okay, maybe it wasn't 1 inch pipe, I've been losing lots of things with age)

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got to work with him again. Yes, isn't it marvelous how much smarter our Dad's become as we aproach our "latter" years? When I go hunting or fishing, my long departed Dad is always along with me.