Monday, June 27, 2011

Phone tag...I'm it!

Well the kids talked me into a new Apple Iphone.  Guess it was time for a new one since the old one would crap out on me at times.  By crap out I mean the danged thing would shut off for no reason.  Not only would it drop calls but it would turn itself off and nothing I did could get it back on.  Finally had to pull the battery to get it to reset and come back on.  It was time!  Yep the iphone cost me...but I can eliminate lots of other gadgets with the fool thing.  Amenities are too numerous to I won't.  Been playing with the thing for a week now and I ain't at all sure I know anymore than I did when I got the thing.  Had to get my kids to bail me out on several occasions.  It is a wizard of a modern convenience.  Oh well its only money right?  And I never saw a Wells Fargo truck following a hearse (you can't take it with you).

Danged if I don't kinda enjoy spendin' it too!  Figure since I got it might as well spend it before "this government" decides to take social security away from us.

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  1. Anybody with the name "Windy" has to have a good phone (grin). Glad to see you are back on blogger. Where the heck have you been?