Saturday, December 17, 2011

New munchkin

Well a new little munchkin popped into the world yesterday at 1:28pm.  Weighed in at 6lb. 12oz. and 18 1/2 inches.  We called him Number Three since they haven't decided on a name for the little dickens and he has 2 older brothers.  This one never made the transition to head down position or even head up or breech like his brother, he settled in at the transverse position and never moved off it, that's crossways, head on one side, butt on tother.  This gives me 6 grandkids in the last 4 years, 5 boys and one girl.  I wonder if they've figured out what causes that?  Believe me it ain't in the water!  One of the few products that don't come with a manual!  Oh well, Mama seemed to know. 



  1. Leastwise that clan is having some male childrens now. Gotta have some one to carry on the family name.
    OH WAIT, their daddy's ain't Colehours are they? Never mind.