Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Story Came to Mind

Well reading Ben's blog about car wrecks and surviving them reminded me of a story a guy I used to work with at Lockheed told of an accident he had.  He drove a open top Jeep and was exiting off I35 at Hattie Street I believe.  Back several years ago the off ramp ran up to a stop sign and bridge overpass with a steep embankment back down to I35.  Well just as he pulled to a stop at the top a car coming from his right jumped the curb and barreled right towards him.  He braced himself and this thing creamed him broadside then pushed him across the road and into the curb rolling the jeep down the embankment.  He said he must have rolled 5 or 6 times before coming to a halt upside back down on the shoulder of I35.  He said this whole trip of recent occurence had rattled him pretty good so he was having a little trouble unscrambling his brain to decide what to do next.  Thats when his savior arrived in a big black Cadillac and the lady got out and walked up to the jeep reached in and unbuckled his seat belt then when gravity brought him to a halt once again this lady dragged him out of the vehicle and to a safe distance...then rolled him over and stole his wallet.  Said he never did see her face. Just goes to show ya' when your down on your luck theres always someone who'll offer to kick ya'


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