Monday, October 24, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

My niece, sister's kid, had a kinda nice story to tell on her little one, Cole, he's five.  Seems as they was getting ready for bed and had done their prayers he said, "Mama, I think I want to go to Heaven and see God."  She was floored for a minute and when she had once again gathered composure she replied, "Yes sweetheart, we all want to go to Heaven and see God some day."  He paused then came back with, "how about Thursday?"  As Tennessee Ernie used to say, "Bless their little pea picking hearts."

Every once in a while they can come up with some gems!  Hope I'm around long enough to hear some more, which reminds me of a story.

Two old boys grew up playing softball together.  They played through school, they played in college, they got married and played co-ed softball.  They played softball right up until the senior league, then one feel ill and the other went to visit him in the hospital.  He asked, "Well you gonna pull through this?" and the other answered "don't know, guess time will tell."  "Well if you don't, you gotta promise me you'll come back and tell me if there's any good softball games in Heaven."  "Okay, I promise."  Sure enough the gentleman didn't make it and a couple of nights later a filmy apparition settled down on the foot of the other guy's bed.  "Joe, is that you?"  "Well of course it is, I promised I'd come back."
"So tell me, are there any good softball games in Heaven?"  "Well, I've got some good news and some bad news."  What's the good news?"  "There's great softball games in Heaven.  We play seven days a week with a double header on Saturday and a night game on Sunday.  All the umps wear glasses and call a great game and the crowds really cheer us on."  "Wow, that's great, what's the bad news?"  "You're pitchin' Thursday."


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  1. You got me smiling and I needed that. Both stories, the true one and the tall tale, were very good and funny. Thanks.