Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dang, you mean I was right? oldest daughter passed a compliment on to me the other night at dinner.  She said her bosses attorney had been having a conversation with some high level muckatee muck in the finance world and had some advice that had proved I wasn't a danged nut after all.  She said the concensus was that I was right and this fellow agreed...the best investments in this trying time was...(wait for it)... guns and gold!  Holy cow, been doing that for a while and didn't know I was a financial genius.

Yep, got started when I found a place that sold U.S. government issued military firearms and I bought the gun (or one like it) that my Dad carried in WW2, an M1 Garand.  The one Patton called the finest battle implement ever made.  This one was made by the Springfield Armory.  Loved it so much I decided on a second one by a different manufacturer.  This next one was made by the Harrington and Richardson (H and R) people.  Both shoot extremely well for being 60 some odd years old.  Then these same people started offering the M1 carbine for sale and I got hooked.  Final talley was 6 from different manufacturers.  First was from Inland, a division of General Motors.  Next was made by Underwood, Elliot, Fisher, the typewriter company.  Then came one from Winchester (had a bow and arrow carved into it).  Next one from a place called Quality Hardware out of Chicago.  Then the most rare (fewest made) one made by Rockola, (yep, the jukebox company).  And lastly to honor my Dad who worked for the Post Office for 30 years I got one built by the National Postal Meter company.  They all still shoot well and I keep 'em cleaned and polished military style.  And that's just a few of my investments.  But I'm proud of every one.  We'll talk about the gold later!

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  1. I got the guns, but the only gold I got is what I found myself out in Arizona.