Friday, January 13, 2012

Still mowing in January!

Well here we are in January of a brand new year...and I'm still mowing the grass!  This is crazy, dangedest thing I ever see'd.  Made a little video, hope it loads and you can just see that I really needed to mow.  Man I like this new mower, got it for no finance charges for 36 months and should have it paid off way before then.  Crazy!  Took my mother north to see her older sisters yesterday.  Mary Nell, 99, Dudley, 95 and my mother Pat 91.  There's some longevity there somewhat.  Heard a story of Ben's mother that ran off with one of my uncles when they were supposed to be somewhere else!  Scandolous!

Well I guess we're having a big family get together for "brunch" tomorrow, I guess I can eat anytime there's food!  I think there's some exciting news to come out of this family affair.  I'll be in touch when I learn something.



  1. I've heard that story about my Mother and your Uncle. Way I heard it you and I was almost cousins :-)