Thursday, September 1, 2011

How you fixed for wildfires?

Well, me and the kids and the grandkids are due a little trip with the motorhome up Oklahoma way...then I saw that they have as many wildfires as Texas does so I tried to find out the locations of those fires, since some were along I35 and thats the route we're taking.  Nothing...not one detailed map showing where they were...lots of jawing about them but no real info.  We're headed to what used to be the smallest national park in the United States (Platt National) until they changed the name to pay tribute to the Indians they bought the land from, now its called Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  Ever heard of hydrogen sulfide (you would certainly know it if you had, its the rotten egg smell)?  This park was built in the '30's by the WPA and the CCC camps.  Small but beautiful.  Hope the weather and wildfires let us enjoy Labor Day weekend.  Lots of grandkids to take fishin' and swimmin'.
Well ya'll be good out there,


  1. Hey, Windy...

    There are fires... one is at a ranch out of the DFW Metrolplex.

    There have so many people losing there homes due to fire because of this drought... not only that but their way of living. I was up in the Panhandle to see my sister. There were fires there too. I grew up there and it just broke my heart to see the consequences of no water.

    So many people losing their homes, cattle and other livestock.

  2. Good luck on your trip and enjoy the outing with the family.