Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Friends

I'll be danged...here it is! Old Ben said that last one was a little too morbid...thought I'd give this one a try, just couldn't get it loaded on here so I went through YouTube. It worked!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Up There!

Sorry...this was for my special girl...miss her a lot!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something else?

Had a hell of a love affair with this lady for 30 odd years and I had to remember with this song I wrote for her...but then seems I wrote all my songs for her! She gave me 4 beautiful, smart girls before she left and they in turn have given me grandbabies so I guess I been blessed a lot. Thanks Ma!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Vets clinic

Well, had a nice ride on the old Harley this morning. Went to the open house for the new Veteran's clinic that opens in Fort Worth on Monday. Damn, lots of old farts there. I think this is great, don't have to go to Dallas or Waco for what ails me. Nice facility for taking care of those who took care of us. Headed into Fort Worth tomorrow for the Veteran's Day parade. Ought to be a hoot. Liable to be a lot of old farts there too. After the parade we get to have some lunch at some BBQ place that has some good food as well a some eye candy! I might be old, but I ain't blind. Besides, that and a cold beer would probably kill me anyway!

Ain't too danged smart!

Well, ya' know how it seems fiascoes seem to go hand in hand with just plain livin'? If so, I got one for ya'. Television went out Sunday morning. Wasn't unexpected, had a little yellow light show up on the front panel saying that the projection lamp on my DLP tele had run out of its life expectancy and was time to replace. Well, it kept right on a workin' so I saw no need to replace it till it died. Bought a new lamp in August, hedging the inevitable and waited. Wow, how did that inanimate object know it was due to die? Amazed me. Anyway she passed and so I replaced that bulb and turned the contraption on. Nothing, except for that same little yellow light. The instructions said you had to reset the timer (so that's how it knew) on the lamp and to please see the owners manual. Did that...nothing, no mention of a timer reset in the manual, anywhere. Pulled the lamp back out. Waited 5 minutes and put it back in. Same result. Then I noticed the little yellow light was gone. Hooray! Now the little yellow light was red! Drats. Technology reared its ugly head at this point...so I bought a new tv. Nice one too. But none of the stuff I had plugged in to the other one works now. Ain't fiascoes grand!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Got a little premature in the congrats dept. Some things just didn't work (I have that problem too sometimes). So I'm back to square one and holdin' my breath. At least everything came back this time. Will have to work on it some more if I can pry Ben loose later. If his memory holds he can be a whiz with this stuff.

Its all his fault!

Well that old Ben has been messin' with me again wantin' me to change this and edit that...so I did! Like it but I lost my intro on several things...that it worked at all surprised me! But I'm movin' and any day above ground I count as a blessing! Thanks Pard, for shovin' me in the right direction. Couldn't sleep so I rolled out at 7:45 this mornin' only to remember that "spring forward, fall back" thingy and realized it was only 6:45! Oh well, maybe I'll get to church on time. Fixin' stew and homemade french bread for supper for the kids and grandkids...yeah I still remember my way around a kitchen. Guess that time on the chuckwagon finally paid off! Still like cookin' in that old cast iron skillet. Pretty much have it down to a science and ain't too bad in the cleanup department if you remember to not use dish washing soap on it. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Well I guess I'll close for this time and load up for church. Ya'll be good, bye!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lord of the Dance

A couple of weeks ago my grandson and his "cousin" were baptized and myself and a couple of ladies in the church wanted to sing to commemorate the occasion so we sang this song and I think it came out well. Being the Lord of the dance and nothing to do with Michael Flatly it still made a nice statement.