Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ain't too danged smart!

Well, ya' know how it seems fiascoes seem to go hand in hand with just plain livin'? If so, I got one for ya'. Television went out Sunday morning. Wasn't unexpected, had a little yellow light show up on the front panel saying that the projection lamp on my DLP tele had run out of its life expectancy and was time to replace. Well, it kept right on a workin' so I saw no need to replace it till it died. Bought a new lamp in August, hedging the inevitable and waited. Wow, how did that inanimate object know it was due to die? Amazed me. Anyway she passed and so I replaced that bulb and turned the contraption on. Nothing, except for that same little yellow light. The instructions said you had to reset the timer (so that's how it knew) on the lamp and to please see the owners manual. Did that...nothing, no mention of a timer reset in the manual, anywhere. Pulled the lamp back out. Waited 5 minutes and put it back in. Same result. Then I noticed the little yellow light was gone. Hooray! Now the little yellow light was red! Drats. Technology reared its ugly head at this I bought a new tv. Nice one too. But none of the stuff I had plugged in to the other one works now. Ain't fiascoes grand!

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  1. The manufactures make it so that you will have to replace everything that used to plug into the old one. A sneaky way to make more money. . .