Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its all his fault!

Well that old Ben has been messin' with me again wantin' me to change this and edit I did! Like it but I lost my intro on several things...that it worked at all surprised me! But I'm movin' and any day above ground I count as a blessing! Thanks Pard, for shovin' me in the right direction. Couldn't sleep so I rolled out at 7:45 this mornin' only to remember that "spring forward, fall back" thingy and realized it was only 6:45! Oh well, maybe I'll get to church on time. Fixin' stew and homemade french bread for supper for the kids and grandkids...yeah I still remember my way around a kitchen. Guess that time on the chuckwagon finally paid off! Still like cookin' in that old cast iron skillet. Pretty much have it down to a science and ain't too bad in the cleanup department if you remember to not use dish washing soap on it. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Well I guess I'll close for this time and load up for church. Ya'll be good, bye!

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