Sunday, October 24, 2010

Okay, so we didn't go to Sunday school...but we didn't go fishin'!

At the pistol range, Ashlea liked the 9mm while Abby liked the .45(that's my girl), okay I'm kinda partial to the 1911 .45 myself. Neither cared for the .357 or the .380 one was too much and the other not enough, but that's okay. At the rifle range both enjoyed the 1942 Winchester M1 Carbine. Both girls made me proud and hit what they was aimin' at! They passed on the AR-15 and the 30.06 and I can understand why, last time I shot the ought 6 I hit the paper at a hundred one time and said that's enough for me!

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  1. Well, you can just show that video to any guys the come courting your daughters! :-)