Friday, October 15, 2010


Emotion sometimes breeds creativity. Last night I was watching a movie that touched off a fit of inspiration/creativity. Half way through the words started to flow and pen and paper weren't that far away so I started jotting them down. If you don't at that precise moment they tend to get lost forever. So this was the result. It ain't cowboy but it is poetry.

Those Things

All those things I never got done,
The impossible things, the improbable things,
The things that I had just begun.

Those things for which I always seemed to never have the time,
The incredible things, the regrettable things,
Those things I selfishly thought were mine.

The things I found in myself that I lacked,
Those perceivable things, those retrievable things,
The things I would break or crack.

The things that seemed like they came from above,
Those adorable things, those deplorable things,
Those things that you brought me with love.

Robert Lea Lovejoy
October, 2010


  1. I posted my blog before you put yours up, so I am a day late in my recommandations to visit your blog and listen to your song. Take a look at my blog and see what I said about you and Ben.

  2. Dizzy Dick told me to come and have a look and a listen. I'm glad I did...