Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I need a screw.

Well, ain't done this in a while (thought retirement meant I could slow down some) so I figure I'll spout a few words about my glasses. I wear them! From a foot or so to 6 foot or so I'm good, its up close or far away that I need 'em. Well, me and the bike ('06 Dyna Wideglide Harley Davidson motorcycle) took a jaunt the other day and were tooling around enjoying ourselves and I went to adjust my goggles (wear them over my glasses) and to my shagrin one of my lenses fell out inside my goggles. That was exciting till I could get her shut down and over to the side of the road. Sure enough the little tiny screw had fallen smooth out and disappeared into the nether regions somewhere. I really needed those spectacles so I decided to stop in at a neighborhood eyewear place and see if they could help. Walked in looking like the biker trash I probably am and a cute young thing asked if she could help me. Without hesitation I spoke right up and said "I need a screw"! The lady getting her glasses fitted cracked up with the biggest guffaw I had heard. The older lady waiting on her piped up with "I have a headache"! The cutey who asked to help simply said "honey, so do I"! After the laughter died down she helped out quite a bit and screwed me right on the spot. I thanked them for the screw and proceeded to back out and they hollered an invite to come back anytime, most fun they'd had in a week!



  1. QUICK!! What was the name of that glasses place? I need to try that place out! :-)

  2. It is really nice to find a place where so many had a really good sense of humor.

  3. Where are you hiding out Mr. Windy Bob? We wait for updates.