Friday, August 13, 2010

The Lost Battalion

Well, I was given the honor of providing the M1 Garand rifles for the Honor Guard for the reunion of the survivors of the Lost Battalion. I will also place a military cross for those who can no longer attend. (The military cross is a rifle with bayonet stuck in the ground with a helmet on top, a pair of boots in front and dog tags hanging.) The Lost Battalion were those men who labored in Burma and other places to build railroads through the jungles. Don't know how any survived but they did. Best example would be the movie Bridge over the river Kwai, that was the Lost Battalion, called so because they were moved around so much no one knew they were even alive. Their efforts were called the Death Railroad because so many died to build them. It will be my honor to honor these brave men who gave so much for this nation. Their numbers have dwindled but they still stand tall. Thank you gentlemen, for your sacrifices.


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