Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot enough for ya'?

Yep, it was another scorcher yesterday and I took the Harley out to a funeral. Man, there just was no shade to hide under...wouldn't have mattered, it was hot in the shade too! Made it as far as the National Cemetery and then the heat took over and I got a instant headache and the black spots started appearing in front of my eyes...not good to say the least. Decided it was a lot better out on that motorcycle so I left. There was a breeze on the back of that Hog at 70mph. That helped, so I decided to stop and check in with Philip Ray and the hospital. I got a little shaky on the walk in so I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at the hospital cafeteria. Diabetes and the heat don't mix too well! He had had a third surgery on his elbow that morning and was not really feeling up to visitors so I stepped next door and met a gentleman he had worked with at Lockheed who had gone done on his bike by the name of Dick Freeman. He told me he had over 750000 miles on motorcycles and never been down. Only takes one! He said the white lines all came together and he blacked out at 60mph. Ain't good! The lady behind him told him later that he crossed the median and barely missed the front end of an 18 wheeler. He ended up in the ditch straddling a metal pipe fence. It didn't move an inch. Well, I guess all us riders have realized that these things could be dangerous but I could slip on a bar of soap in the bathtub and be just as dead! Beside, the bugs taste better at midnight, or so I've heard. Just be careful out there...cages will get you killed too!

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  1. Be carefull out there in the heat. Sometimes you don't know which way is up and you definitely want to keep the upside up. I assume you carry drinking water, so when those straight yellow lines start getting wavy, pull over and hydrate. Hot air at 70 mph has a tendency to dry a fellow out.