Saturday, June 26, 2010

Travails of the open road

Well, took the grandkids to the park today and let them ride the train! One of the boys was wide eyed, the other fell asleep before the end. Oh well, I think they enjoyed themselves anyway. Gave it a ride (the train) early this morning before the heat settled in for the day. Was still warm but enjoyable. I rode the Harley and greeted a lot of people with a smile and a wave. Even had a couple that I think would have come for a ride. Seemed to enjoy the "hog". Had a run in the other day with a "cage" who wanted my lane. Went for the air horn to let her know this lane was occupied and she was gone...the air horn! Replaced it pretty quick, like being heard out there! I was on my way to the National Cemetery for the funeral of a kid killed in Iraq that had only been there for 20 days when he stepped on an IED. Noticed when she passed me that her car was what the military calls Killed in Action, they call it a Kia! Thought that if she couldn't be a little more mindful of what she was doing on the roads she might end up killed in action herself! Had another funeral yesterday before the rain. We were on the hiway when a "honey wagon" pulled in front of us. That's a septic system pumper! About that time we started getting spit on and my first thought since I didn't know if it was rain or a leaking pumper truck was don't lick your lips!
Well, have a nice day and be careful out there!

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