Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ben, this one is for us!

Hopes and Memories

We never got to do those things we always talked about,
How you loved those dreams left little doubt.

Those pictures that you conjured up made my joy flow too,
Log cabins in the mountains were just you.

All the trips we planned to take like that Alaskan RV cruise,
You never even had the right to choose.

To travel on together was what I had counted on,
Not this shelf that I’ve been mounted on.

Your glue held me together and kept me coming home,
You never even caused my eye to roam.

I’ve cried myself to sleep now more often than I’ll admit,
Somehow your spirit won’t let me quit.

I promised that I would take good care of all your girls,
But I ain’t been too good with the curls.

They don’t really need me anymore they all act real grown up,
But sometimes that means I get shown up.

They are all real smart, you knew that, and all are pretty too,
But I’m tired I just want to go home to you.

So don’t you hold it against me if someday soon I knock on your door,
We’ll walk hand in hand again, forevermore.

Robert Lea Lovejoy
July, 2003


  1. Your blog is really good. thanks for starting it.

  2. Wow Bob,,, you sure are good at that poetry and you and I know just who you are talking about.. Thanks.

  3. Lovely poem, Bob, thanks for sharing it.

  4. Thanks to all. On occasion we get it right!
    I'll try sharing more sometime.

  5. I'm really enjoying your blog.