Friday, December 13, 2013

Just to be Home for Christmas

I been followin’ that same bright star for three nights in a row,
That there moon’s been just a sliver of light, while them stars give off a warm glow.

I done my travelin’ cross this injun country under the cover of night,
Hopin’ not to attract ‘em none and just to keep outta sight.

That big one up there ahead of me has helped me stay on track,
She’s showed me straight ‘n true, while I just clung to this horse’s back.

If I can just keep movin’ cross this "staked plain," I‘ll be home inside a week,
‘N I’ll get to see my family one’st more on the banks of that Sweetwater Creek.

That old soddy I had built for her must be ‘bout ready to fall,
I been gone almost a year, I had heard my country’s call.

I’ll be danged if I don t seem to recall a story my Ma used to tell,
‘Bout a gal way off in a foreign land who weren’t doin’ too well.

She didn’t find much more that a soddy when she come into town that day,
She was just lookin’ to have her baby right there in that stable’s hay.

‘N how the sky was lit by a big bright star ‘n how some people gathered ‘round,
To bring her babe a gift or two as if it was a "king" they’d found.

I think perhaps that young mother must be smilin’ down on me,
‘Cause I think that star seems brighter that it has a right to be.

This scruffy top of an old pine tree ain’t made the trip too good,
But it ought to thrill them younguns even if it ain’t much more than firewood.

It seems I should give a thank ya’ for the blessin’s I have had,
‘N ask forgiveness for all the grief I give my Mom ‘n Dad.

I ain t got much myself that you could say would make me rich,
Just this ol’ cayoose who can rub his rump when he has an itch.

I know I ain’t no wise man, I wear no crown like I was king,
Just this ol’ worn out Stetson that don’t seem to mean a thing.

‘Cept I have filled it with cool water to give my horse a drink,
‘N worn it low when rainin’ ‘n for them it works good, I think.

But I figure my biggest blessin’ is the one that star’s guidin’ me to,
That ol’ dirt floor soddy with my family to name a few.

If I can just make it home by Christmas Eve, I’ll be plum full of joy,
Just to throw these here arms around their Ma ‘n then each little boy.

‘N to remember long ago ‘n far away, a lonely, frightened mother,
Who gave the world a baby boy who just asked us to love one another.

So as the snow is gettin’ deeper, I’ll just keep followin’ that same bright star,
‘N ask that it just warm that homestead, till I can get to where they are.

Robert Lea Lovejoy


  1. Wonderful poem, Bob. I will put a link to it on my site. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog n this warmed my heart on a bitter cold morn....thank you!