Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well with old Ben gone I ain't had much desire to do this anymore but his passing has left me with time on my hands so maybe I'll give it a try again.  Drove by his place a few months back and someone has bought it and moved right on in.  Got to say I miss him and his place. 

Enough of that...welcomed another grandkid into the fold not too long ago.  Well, I say not too long ago but his mom sent video of him taking off on his own and walking right across the floor so its been a while.  Got a name he'll have to grow into, it's Duke.  Been teaching him hat(since I always wear one) and nose(since one's on my face and his) and he'll get the hang of that too before too much longer. 

Switched to Uverse for my tv, internet and land line.  Can't say the experience has been swell since they took two weeks to get it done, but its done now and everything works at least. 

Tried visiting the National Archives to do a little genealogy this week.  My wife had a great something or other lady they called squaw woman because she was supposed to be Cherokee but can't find anything on her parents or siblings or anything except her name and relationship and her husband and kids names.  Born in 1875 and married in 1890(that's 15 if you're keeping score).  So if anyone has more expertise in this regard drop me a line, could use the help.

Well I guess this has been easier than pulling hen's teeth so I'll cut her loose for this time.  Ya'll be good now ya'hear!



  1. Glad to see you have started to post again. Missed you. Congrats on the newest grankid. I guess way back in the 1800's they married at a young age. Maybe it is becase they didn't live too long. . . anyway, welcome back.