Sunday, April 8, 2012

Projects, projects, projects

Yeah, that's right DAD can you help me out with one more thing?  Soft touch me I had four girls I tried to teach how to mechanic and carpenter and fixit but sometimes it took sometimes it didn't...sooo
Dad...get the picture.  Speaking of pictures this one is of a little project for my youngest who is gettin' hitched next weekend.  The game she wanted was called "connect four" but she wanted it ginormous...4 feet by 4 feet to be exact.  With a little help we managed to concoct the thing with a few things shy of perfection (measure twice, cut once).  But it functions and that was half the battle and it kept me occupied so I wouldn't complain about all my aches and pains.  Old age ain't for sissies!  Anyway here 'tis.

Of course I lost the first game!  Can't really tell the color differences so I'll help...light blue, light green.  Daughters and her future husbands initials were added to help with ID's.  That'll work.
Wish them two luck on their future together.  Baby's due in Sept.



  1. OK, maybe I am dense or just out of contact with the real world, but I don't have the slightest idea what that thing is or what it is used for. Can you explain a little more?

    1. Its called "connect four". Its a game where you drop in your disc and try to get 4 in a row, up, down, diag., course you go every other and they're trying to get 4 in a row too. Interesting little game. I always lost too many times so I just quit playing, can't lose that way.