Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just rememberin'

Started out this morning remembering a time not too long ago when the kids and their hubbies were a lot younger and without kids.  Man they look like babies.  Now I got 6, 5 boys and one girl and one on the way.  I'm aging fast I tell ya'.  Have already outlived my Dad, he was 64.  And I also had the thought that I have lived longer without my wife than I had with her, just 32 years.  WOW!  Anyway this heres a pic to me and the youngsters dressed up down at the stockyards in Fort Worth.  Rough looking bunch huh?

Then in my browsing I found this little ditty.  Now don't laugh too hard you might strain somethin'.

Surrounded by this passel of women is it any wonder that I spent a lot of time out in the garage or doing yard work or just anything to get out of the house on occasion.  Oh well, I loved 'em all and even the grandkids they gave me.  Youngest is gettin' hitched next weekend, ought to be another memory, she's even letting me sing!

Well I guess thats enough for now we'll try again another time.



  1. Are sure that ain't the bunch that used to hang out at the White Elephant Saloon back in the days when it serviced the trail drive cowboys? :-)

    1. Could have been ... except back then the White Elephant was on Second Ave. south of the courthouse in Hell's Half Acre. The current White Elephant is in the stockyards which wasn't a part of Fort Worth but was called Niles City. Sorry, got carried away with my chuckwagon folklore.

  2. Good post, enjoyed the pics. You have a nice family. Let us hear from you a little more often.