Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another piece of cowboy wit!

The cowboys all called him "cookie"; it was an appropriate dub,
'Cause he had been the one in charge of cookin' up the grub.

His day would start before sunrise, he'd be up and mixin' batter,
Them pancakes would stay with you, for these boys not much else would matter.

'Cause they had a hard day in the saddle to keep them cattle herded,
And they would try real hard not to spook 'em, 'cause they was mean if they got disconcerted.

Ol' "cookie" would break camp and then he'd leave 'em in his dust,
He'd find another campsite; to be ready for 'em was a must.

He'd have a Dutch oven full of biscuits and some gravy chocked with meat,
And when dinnertime was finally on 'em, they'd always have enough to eat.

After he'd clean up and load the chuck wagon, the routine would start again,
And he'd be off down the trail lookin' for sunset to begin.

The last meal of the day would find "cookie" goin' flat out,
He'd have steaks and beans and cornbread, he was really cookin', there was no doubt.

Now just how he managed to find new ways to fix that same ol' mess of beans,
Would always keep 'em guessin' but to complain would be downright mean.

After supper, they'd relax a bit around the ol' campfire,
'Cause the cows would all be bedded down, to keep 'em calm was their desire.

Now seems the quiet of the evenin' would get broke by a "musical interlude,"
But ol' "cookie," he'd just smile, he thought they was complimentin' his food.

Robert Lea Lovejoy

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  1. Quote from Blazing Saddles

    Lyle: [after the farting] How 'bout some more beans, Mr. Taggart?
    Taggart: [fans his hat in the air] I'd say you've had enough!