Saturday, May 19, 2012

After 2AM and still awake

Okay so what do you do when you've been up since 3AM yesterday and its now after 2AM and your still awake?  Went for a drive from midnight till 1:30...ain't helped.  Just can't seem to lay in bed.  Its a little nerve wracking to say the least.  Just ain't happening.  Tried a little bit of everything, hoping something would work.  So if I nod off half way through this you'll know something must have worked.  Eyes burn, head swims, really would like some sleep.  Maybe I want it too much.  Sex used to do it.  Damn, I really am getting old!  I've read, watched TV, even tried some warm milk...that sucked!  I'm just pacing the floors.  Tried making myself busy with some things to get my mind off it.  Fixed the rack in the bathroom that had screws turning loose from the wall.  Tried working in the garage...that was gonna be more chore than I wanted.  What, just go ahead and stay up?  Thought about that.  What dire things can happen from lack of sleep?  Kinda gettin' tired of this.  No already tired just not sleeping.  Wondered if beer could be the answer.  Ain't really done much of that since I got out of the service, didn't care much for the hangovers.  Oh well, I'll let you know what happens.  Might pass on any words of wisdom that could help this situation, course you probably won't be answering until sometime tomorrow and that ain't gonna help me now.  But thanks anyway.



  1. Man I feel for Bob..Been there done that,in fact just a few days ago. Maybe not for quite as long as you , but just couldn't get to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Tied everything I could think of. Then just quit worrying bout it,stayed outta the car cause I didn't trust myself to not drop off asleep. Watched boring TV specials, finally just had supper and went to bed at normal time and slept good.

    I don't know what causes this "no sleep" deal but I don't think we're alone .

    1. Man, believe me, the only reason I tried the driving thing was after everything else bein' "asleep at the wheel" didn't sound that bad. At 3:30AM the stockyards are deserted but I guess that did the trick, remember looking at the clock at 4:15 then nothing till the alarm went off for grandson's ball game at 10.

  2. Try Melatonin. My wife and I take one pill of Melatonin before bedtime and we usually get a good rest. It is safe so if needed, you can take two pills.

  3. Thanks Diz, have tried that (one pill) but didn't seem to do much. Don't need them all the time but when needed would like them to work. May have to try two, three, the danged bottle. But I might like to wake up sometime!

  4. it seems to me I hear of this more and more from people. I used to be able to drop asleep within 2 minutes, no matter where I was or what was happening (like riding -not driving; through a blizzard in Flagstaff AR). Now I rarely sleep. When I've had enough and really need a solid eight hours (usually only get 4 or 5 throughout the night/day) I take one Tylenol PM and drink a strong hot cup of Chamomile tea. I cannot do this on work days though because it is too hard to "fully wake up" when I need to get up. I'm not sure if you've tried this but it does help me.