Monday, July 18, 2011

Surprise, surprise!

Well we celebrated a birthday for the youngest grandson yesterday (he's one) and all was going well till the last "gift" to be unwrapped.  It was Tshirts for her boys from their mama and emblazoned on them was a surprise announcement, "I'm going to be a big brother".  Yep another grandson is on the way.  She said this was as big a surprise to her as it was to us.  She had been having some pain in her side and decided to go to the doctor Monday to see about it and when the doctor came back in after some tests she announced that daughter was pregnant again.  Daughter said that can't be.  Last time she had to have fertility drugs for months just to get pregnant.  And she didn't know?  Nope, 4 months along and she didn't know.  Youngster is due just before Christmas, and its another boy.  Man, I had nothing but girls and they all have nothing but boys.  Guess the good Lord knew what He was doing and gave me what I could handle!  Thanks Lord!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fixin' things...not fixin' to fix things

Well I trotted off to the "john" this morning to take care of business and while I was enthroned on the "porcelain throne" my locked bathroom door swung open.  Well that was much to my surprise as you might guess.  Set about to render that problem not a problem anymore.  Got out the old cordless drill/screwdriver (with the new lithium ion batteries, ni cads have a memory, lithium don't that means if you use it for 5 minutes then recharge them, they only remember the 5 minutes and so thats all the charge they will hold and I got danged tired of running out of juice only 5 minutes into a job) anyway remembered a little trick my dad had taught me years ago (thanks Dad) about taking off the hinge and stuffing a piece of cardboard behind it to raise the catch to catch the striker plate again.  Did didn't work as well as I had remembered.  So pulled the striker plate and carved some more room lower down for a recess and redrilled the holes and reinstalled the plate.  That worked!  Now that danged ghost is just gonna have to walk through that door if he wants to come in and spy on me in the john!
All for now,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giving up the ghost

Well my dear old mother is not ready to settle down just yet.  I say that in regard to her car.  When she had it inspected several months ago the man passed it but said that she had oil in her radiator water.  Oops!  Sure enough my cousins checked it out and replaced the head gasket...but in the process of flushing the system they discovered, not surprisingly...oil in her radiator...again.  In checking with Saturn who are no longer in business, they found a service bulletin with info about a persistent crack in the block of most engines.  (Maybe thats why they went out of business)  She bought the car in 1996...the service bulletin came out in 1997.  A little late for warranty work...THEY'RE OUT OF BUSINESS.  Well at 91 she still wants to be independent and I say great, go to it Mom.  Just kinda wonder how much longer she's gonna need to drive or can.  Oh well, the boys are looking for her something to replace hers.  Gotta love her!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

Well the 4th of July has come and gone out with a bang (he-he) and I have survived the hot weather so far with all my faculties still around.  Has to be a thought with the way old age seems to be creeping up on me.  This heat is beginning to bug me a little, saps the energy right out of you, unless you stay indoors with the air conditioning running full blast.  Gonna hate to see that next electric bill I'm thinking.  Could be worse, could have it go out like my sister did this past week.  Offered to let her stay in the motorhome in my driveway, at least I had it wired to run the A/C from my plug in the garage, but she said they rigged it to work till they could swap it out for her.  They told her she might as well change out the heater coils while they were at it, she was already gonna have to pay 4500 in the dollar department!  What's a few more dollars when you get into that range?  Guess I am thankful for the little things in life after all.  My how I do go on.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Spring has sprung, fall has fell, summer's here and its hot as hell!

So has anybody given thought (besides me) to the notion with 100 degree days in June, what the hell is it gonna be like in August?  Uncle Ben (not the rice) says one of our local "weather forecasters" says July is due to be less hot than normal.  What the hecks normal about Texas weather?  And whats "less hot" just 99!  Dizzy Dick says they finally got some rain recently after being dry since October last year.  Wow I bet that ground was really cracked.  Speaking of Ben, he says he does better in hot weather than he does in cold.  I told him I can always burn something to get warm, but when its hot even in the shade I don't do well.  Seems to drain the energy right out of you.  Oh well, thats life in Texas.
Stay cool,